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Florida Testamentary Trust Attorneys Protect Your Assets

Offering an important tool for sustaining your family

Many of our clients come to us because they are concerned with providing for their spouses and children after their death. In addition to a valid will, a testamentary trust can ensure that your family is adequately provided for. The seasoned estate planning lawyers of Gierach and Gierach, P.A. can help you create your testamentary trust at our Orlando law office.

What is a testamentary trust?


A testamentary trust is a structure established under a will, providing for a person or team of people to manage assets for the benefit of others. A trust is comprised of three parties:

  • The settlor (sometimes called the grantor) — The settlor is the creator of the trust.
  • The trustee — The trustee is the person designated by the settlor to manage the trust assets.
  • The beneficiary — The beneficiary is the person or class of people who are designated to benefit from the trust.

The trustee of the testamentary trust may distribute capital and income between beneficiaries at his or her discretion.

The purpose of a testamentary trust

Although subject to probate, a testamentary trust drafted by an estate planning attorney from Gierach and Gierach, P.A. may accomplish the following important estate planning objectives:

  • Providing supervised distributions to children
  • Maintaining the family home for the dependent children of the decedent
  • Insuring support for a spouse of a blended family

When you decide on a testamentary trust to realize your estate planning goals, seek the counsel of a competent estate planning lawyer to help you.

Call a Florida wills lawyer with honesty and integrity to create your estate plan

Our probate lawyers handle a wide range of estate planning matters, including  trusts, on behalf of our clients. Call Gierach and Gierach, P.A. at 407-545-5744 or (844) 431-0813, or contact us online today to schedule your free initial consultation. We also assist people from outside Florida.

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