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Gierach and Gierach, P.A. Why You Need a Probate Attorney

Why You Need a Probate Attorney

Accomplished Orlando firm offers comprehensive estate representation

It can be tempting to manage probate issues on your own, especially if you believe the estate in question is a simple one. However, failing to obtain the proper legal advice can cause significant harm to your loved ones. At Gierach and Gierach, P.A. in Orlando, our experienced attorneys have provided exceptional, cost-effective counsel to clients since 1974. By drafting wills that meet the specific needs of testators and managing the various tasks associated with probate, we help insure that final instructions are followed. Whether you are in central Florida or require assistance with a probate matter in this area, we will explain the relevant law and tackle all of your estate concerns.

Central Florida lawyers deliver valuable guidance on wills

Crafting a program that establishes a legacy and secures your family’s future requires careful attention and guidance from a qualified counselor. Our knowledgeable attorneys can create legal instruments that not only allocate property but also address charitable bequests and other special objectives. For more than four decades, we have helped people like you by:

  • Creating a last will and testament — A complete, accurate will is the cornerstone of effective estate planning. In every case, we take a personalized approach to the development of a document that preserves your assets and truly reflects your wishes.
  • Advising on legal and tax consequences — Florida does not levy an estate or inheritance tax, but if an estate’s assets total approximately $5.5 million or more, there could be federal tax liability. Often, people don’t realize that their estates exceed the limit until it is too late. Our firm will conduct a thorough evaluation and help find ways to avoid unnecessary taxation.
  • Assisting with non-probated assets — Not every piece of property is transferred through probate upon one’s death. We will explain how joint accounts, insurance benefits and other types of assets are treated.

In a free initial consultation, one of our Florida wills and probate attorneys will take the time to learn about your particular situation and objectives and explain how we can help.

Experienced lawyers handle a full range of probate tasks

Whether you are a personal representative probating a will or an administrator handling the affairs of someone who has died intestate, we can assist with each aspect of closing an estate, including:

  • Filing the will — We will start the probate process immediately so that beneficiaries do not have to suffer through unnecessary delays. From start to finish, our firm prepares and submits legal documents to the court in a prompt, professional manner. First, we file a will if it exists or seek appointment as the estate representative.
  • Valuing assets — To develop a complete, accurate accounting of the estate, we identify each individual asset and use professional appraisers when appropriate. This also includes assistance securing property that is not included within the estate, such as life insurance proceeds.
  • Managing expenses and obligations — Real estate taxes and other obligations don’t end just because a death occurs. Our firm ensures that required payments are made and accounted for.
  • Settling disputes — Estate issues often revive old disputes and may create new ones. If a conflict exists, we work diligently to reach a resolution that honors the intentions of the decedent.
  • Retitling estate items — Once each asset is brought into the estate and distribution is warranted, we shift ownership of real estate and other property to the recipients designated in the will or determined by Florida intestacy law.

Regardless of how complex or contentious your probate matter is, we will handle each task with professionalism and integrity.

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Gierach and Gierach, P.A. advises individuals and families on all types of Florida probate and estate planning matters.  Please call 407-545-5744 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our Orlando office.

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