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How to Choose Which Person Will Have Power of Attorney

The person you choose to have power of attorney for you will be someone who potentially handles your financial and legal affairs when you are unable to do so yourself. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure you choose someone who either is experienced in those areas or is otherwise qualified to handle those sorts of decisions.

You should look for the following characteristics when assigning power of attorney:

  • A keen attention to detail. This person will be looking over a lot of important legal documents, so attention to detail will help them find and correct any potential mistakes.
  • A commitment to the job. You should be sure the person you choose to have power of attorney will take the job seriously and actually fulfill all of his or her duties. Therefore, your chosen person should be responsible, trustworthy and loyal to you.
  • An understanding of the duties of the job. The person you choose should have a thorough understanding of what he or she is getting into. Having power of attorney is a serious commitment and responsibility, so it’s good to arm your chosen representative with as much knowledge as possible.
  • An understanding of business or finance. A cursory knowledge of these areas can help your chosen person carry out his or her duties.
  • A willingness and ability to collaborate with others. Your chosen representative should be willing and able to work well with others, including accountants, attorneys and insurance representatives.

Power of attorney can go to basically anyone you trust, including your actual attorney, a close relative or a trusted business partner.

For further guidance related to power of attorney decisions, speak with a skilled Orlando estate planning attorney at Gierach & Gierach, P.A.


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