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Monthly Archives: December 2019


Distinguishing Between Probate and Non-Probate Assets

By Gierach and Gierach, P.A. |

The process of administering and probating a last will and testament involves figuring out what assets are estate versus non-estate (or probate versus non-probate) assets. And executor must make this distinction in order to properly address with estate taxes. Probate/Estate Assets The general rule is that all probate assets are assets that must pass… Read More »

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What’s The Difference Between a Trust and A Trust Fund?

By Gierach and Gierach, P.A. |

Trust funds sometimes get a bad rap because they are often associated with the wealthiest of the wealthy, however, there truly isn’t a huge difference between the kind of trust that most families establish during estate planning in order to ensure that their assets pass onto their heirs without having to go through probate… Read More »

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Florida Hospitals Found Applying for Massive Numbers of Guardianships for Their Patients, seeking to Strip Away Their Rights

By Gierach and Gierach, P.A. |

On October 21, ABC Action News broke news on an undercover investigation here in Florida involving a number of hospitals in Florida—including Miami, Naples, Orlando, West Palm Beach, and other cities—paying private attorneys to file hundreds of court petitions to place a number of their patients into guardianships. Specifically, the investigation found that hospitals… Read More »

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