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The “Hope For The Best But Prepare For The Worst” Estate Plan


A relentless optimist would say that the most beautiful thing about being an adult and a parent is that there is always so much work to be done that you don’t have time to get upset about things that don’t really matter.  You haven’t logged into Facebook since before the birth of your first child, so you no longer obsess over which of your classmates are better looking or more successful than you are, because you are too busy trying to get your children to school on time or doing enough freelance gigs, in addition to your full-time job, to pay the bills by the time they come due, and you are none the worse for it.  You don’t have time to be bitter about all the things you don’t have, because you are busy taking care of the things you do have, and therefore appreciating them.  Of course, reading the news can ruin anyone’s mood, no matter how optimistic the person naturally is.  When a celebrity your age dies, it makes you aware of your mortality, even though you would rather live the life you lead than to have something resembling the celebrity’s lifestyle.  When you hear about someone your age in your situation suddenly dying or suffering long-term disability, though, it is a reality check.  It is a reminder that you are not too young to contact an Orlando estate planning lawyer.

The Estate Planning Documents That Young, Non-Materialistic People Need the Most

A few estate planning instruments can go a long way to saving your family from preventable financial and emotional hardship in the event of your untimely death or serious illness, and none of them require a large investment of time or money.  This is an estate planning checklist for you if you are under 50 and do not own much property, but there are people in this world whose sense of normalcy depends on you being alive and well:

  • A will – Your will should include instructions about final disposition of your remains. It should also name a guardian and a successor guardian for your minor children in the event that both you and your spouse die.
  • Medical power of attorney – This document indicates your wishes about your care if you suffer a severe or life-threatening medical condition.
  • Term life insurance – For pennies a month, this insurance pays a lump sum to the designated beneficiary or beneficiaries if you die before age 65.
  • Long-term care insurance – This insurance pays for your care in a nursing home or assisted living facility in the event that you require this care. If you are young and healthy when you buy long-term care insurance, the premiums are very inexpensive.

Contact Gierach and Gierach About Estate Planning for Young People Who Care

An estate planning lawyer can help you build your estate plan if you prioritize love over money.  Contact Gierach and Gierach, P.A. in Orlando, Florida to discuss your case.



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