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Monthly Archives: June 2021


Accounting for Historically Significant Property in Your Estate Plan

By Gierach and Gierach, P.A. |

Unless you belong to one of the earliest vintages of Baby boomers, your children probably cannot remember the time before women held prominent positions in the executive branch of the United States government.  Before Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright, Condoleezza Rice, and Hillary Clinton, there was Janet Reno, who… Read More »

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Probate Gets Complicated When Long-Lost Siblings Enter the Picture

By Gierach and Gierach, P.A. |

DNA science has changed the world for the better.  It has demonstrated the innocence of people wrongfully accused of violent crimes and even exonerated some who had been wrongfully convicted.  It has definitively refuted racist arguments about the biological superiority of one race over others.  It has enabled people who were adopted as infants… Read More »

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